What is SRT Soul Energy Clearing?

We have all felt stuck at some time in our lives when what we are trying to create is just not happening. It could be in our career, love life, parenting our children, eating habits, financial issues, health issues, caring for our parents or un-manifested dreams and goals. Clearing the blocks, interference and resistance to living a fulfilled life can make it all possible.

SRT stands for Spiritual Response Therapy, created by Robert Deztler. He was a minister and a very spiritual and intuitive man. He understood that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. He also knew that for a clearing to work our Higher Self has to be the one who does the actual clearing for it to be removed from the Akashic Records (our library in our energy field that holds every thought, feeling and action of all of our lives). The High Self of both the practitioner and the client is called in at the beginning of each session for the highest outlook, accuracy and efficiency.

Robert created charts to work from to help hone in on the details of these issues that he soon discovered had their roots in past lives. When the original wound or issue in a past life occurs and has an emotional charge around it, a program is created that keeps the issue running lifetime after lifetime until cleared. (Ex: why am I always drawn to the same kind of partner again and again?) When this similar issue from a past life gets cleared from the Akashic Records the issue in this life is no longer an issue. This work is life altering and freeing.

Blocks and programming can also be created in this lifetime from our judgments, criticisms, complaining, fears, worries, negative thinking or actions, or being around someone with these negative qualities. From doing this work I have learned that I am fully responsible for my actions and reactions in this life. There is no one to blame for what I am creating; and when I feel down or stuck to be able to help myself return to the positive person I am and always want to be, SRT energy and soul clearing works every time!